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Conference Agenda
FSA Agenda
FSA - 20 September, 2017
Session 1. Industry Report
Time Topic / Speaker
10:30 White Paper on Sign & Ads Industry
/ Margaret Connolly, Vice President, UBM Asia

* Release of industry research white paper
* Dissection of sign & advertising industry
Margaret Connolly
11:00 Development Trends of Sign’s Application

/ Danny Gu, President, A.E. SMITH (CHINA) CO., Ltd
Danny Gu
11:30 Build Digital Signage’s Digital Ecosphere

/ Xiaofeng Chen, Director, CIIAII, Ministry of Industry
and Information Technology (MIIT)
Xiaofeng Chen
Session 2. Intelligent Transportation
Time Topic / Speaker
14:00 Sign and Green Conference & Exhibition

/ Lude Ji, Secretary General, Shanghai Conference
and Exhibition Industry Association
Lude Ji
14:20 Construction of Smart Airport

/ Guangdong Airport Authority
Guangdong Airport Authority
14:50 Application of Digital Signage in Smart Airport

/ Degang Dong, Marketing Vice President, Airmedia
Degang Dong
15:20 Interaction with Consumers in Auto Industry
by Digital Signage

/ Mario, Geely
FSA - 21 September, 2017
Session 3. Digital Signage Leads Innovation
Time Topic / Speaker
10:30 The Application of Big Data in Digital Signage

/ Chengyun Xu, General Manager for Key Account
Industry, Google
Chengyun Xu
11:00 Current Situation and Future Trends of Outdoors
Digital Ads

/ Eric Zhang, Senior Vice President and Chief
Technology Officer, Nielsen-CCData
Eric Zhang
11:30 Application of Digital Signage from Brand
Side’s Perspective

/ Michael Littlewood, Director of Facilities,
Sands Cotai Central
 Michael Littlewood
Session 4. Intelligent Retail & Interactive Consumption
Time Topic / Speaker
14:00 Intelligent Business Thinking and Practice Signage

/ Yi Zheng, Director of Research and Strategy
Department & Deputy Director of Marketing Department,
Joy City
Yi Zheng
14:30 New Model of Catering Marketing in Future

/ Wensheng Guan, Founder, Jizhihui Capital
Wensheng Guan
15:00 Consumption Model Upgrade in Luxury Retail Store

/ Stephane Bihorel, Business Development
Manager(Asia), Malherbdesign
Stephane Bihorel
15:30 Development and Integration of Traditional
and Digital Signage

/ Tianyang Sun, Sales Director, SEEYOO
Information Technology Co., Ltd
Tianyang Sun
16:00 Panel Discussion:
How does Digital Signage Promote Retail
Industry’s Development?
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