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Translation Service
Translation service is available from 20 to 22 September 2017:
Items Price(RMB/Day)
English-Chinese basic RMB 600
English-Chinese Senior RMB 1000
Korean-Chinese RMB 800
German-Chinese RMB 900
Japanese-Chinese RMB 800
French-Chinese RMB 1000
Russian-Chinese RMB 1000
Italian-Chinese RMB 1400
Portuguese-Chinese RMB 1400
Spanish-Chinese RMB 1400
- Due to tight schedule of translators, we suggest to book your translator 1 or 2 days in advance;
- Unless otherwise required by clients, general interpretation service is charged by one working
  day (8 hours) or half working day (4 hours) (excluding Simultaneous Interpretation service);
- For overtime service after above hours, the overtime service charge is 10 – 50%. For overtime
  service, it is subject to overtime charge;
- If traveling out of Shanghai is required, clients shall cover the accommodation and
  transportation of the translators (for simultaneous interpretation, such cost is to be confirmed.)
- For special industry or very small foreign languages, the price rate is quoted case by case.
For more detail information, please contact
Contact Person: Mr. Seven Liu
Tel.: +86-21-51099795
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