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News Update
SIGN CHINA 2017 miniature -Partial Elite Brands & Exhibitors Collection 2017-01-20
So far, SIGN & LED CHINA 2017 has already attracted 524 exhibitors. In order to reach even larger audience, some exhibitors are showing their innovative and best selling products on our first issue of “SIGN CHINA 2017-Partial Elite Brands & Exhibitors Collection”.
Global Promotion #1 – start from SGI Dubai 2017-01-16
On the first day of promotion campaign in SGI Dubai, many visitors stopped at our booth for its outstanding design, and asked for more information about SIGN & LED CHINA 2017. Our team patiently recommended and introduced the first issue of SIGN CHINA 2017 - Partial Elite Brands & Exhibitors Collection, which was very interesting especially to distributers and trading companies.  Our artistic bookmark was quite welcome as well, receiving lots of appreciation from visitors.

After 3-day’s continuous promotion on SGI Dubai, SIGN CHINA & LED CHINA were gaining more and more attention in the Middle East and African areas. 80% of local buyers were attracted by SIGN CHINA’s exhibitor category and product range. Over half of them requested to be registered for SIGN CHINA 2017, and ask for more update news or travel information.
SIGN CHINA 2017 & LED CHINA 2017 will continue to dedicate to be the world’s best one-stop sourcing platform for indoor and outdoor format printers, engravers, exhibition and display equipment, as well as LED displays, components and lighting.

SIGN & LED CHINA & DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2016 Successfully Concludes 2016-09-22
Organized by UBM Trust, a joint venture with UBM Asia Ltd., SIGN CHINA, LED CHINA and DIGITAL SIGNAGE 2016 successfully concluded on September 22nd at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC), which combined hosted 1,060 exhibitors and brands and welcomed trade buyers from 137 overseas countries and regions…More

SIGN & LED CHINA Show Opens with the Launch of Alibaba B2B and UBM's 'O2O2O Solution' 2016-09-19
SIGN CHINA 2016 opens on September 19, 2016 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. The shows play host to the long-anticipated debut of the 'O2O2O Solution', jointly developed by UBM and Alibaba's B2B business units -- including and, the leading platforms for online wholesale trade of the Alibaba Group…More
Orientation for Visiting SIGN CHINA 2016 2016-09-07
As China's definitive sign event, SIGN CHINA 2016 will take place in just 10 days from 19 to 22 September at Shanghai New International Expo Centre. To make your visit more efficient, we would like to present a detailed orientation for you…More

SIGN & LED CHINA 2016 Exposition Expands Trade Sourcing Experience Online and Offline 2016-08-24
The "O2O2O Solution", or "Online to Offline to Online Solution" jointly developed by UBM and Alibaba B2B will make its debut at SIGN and LED CHINA 2016 which will take place 19-22 September at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC). Pre-registered visitors and exhibitors to SIGN and LED CHINA 2016 have all received an invitation to participate in the O2O2O Solution Sourcing System where they can search for best fit suppliers, buyers, and partners. Within the first week of the invitations going out, several hundred meeting requests have already been made…More

The "O2O2O Matchmaking Solution" is Launched Online Now!  2016-08-03
Exhibitors and visitors are now able to experience the matchmaking service to search & connect with new and existing business partners before the show, pre-arrange meetings at exhibitor booths or at the O2O2O solution meeting lounge. How to Chat & Book Meeting? ...More

Firsthand Experience of “O2O2O Solution” at SIGN CHINA 2016 2016-05-08
The "O2O2O Solution", or "Online to Offline to Online" integrated trade services, jointly-developed by UBM and Alibaba B2B will catapult the trade sourcing experience for manufacturers and buyers before, during, and after a trade show into a new era. Visitors, professionals, and media will be able to experience firsthand the "O2O2O Solution" at its debut at the collocated SIGN CHINA and LED CHINA fairs… More

Global Promotion in Orlando, the USA   2016-05-03
Global promotion comes to Orlando, the United Stated. SIGN CHINA and LED CHINA participated in the ISA International Sign Expo, the largest show gathering sign and graphics professionals on April 20-23. As always, the booth of LED & SIGN CHINA has drawn the attention of visitors from North America onsite. 1540 buyers from America, Canada and so on came and asked for further information about SIGN & LED CHINA, 665 visitors registered successfully, and almost 1,000 sqm of exhibition space had been reserved. The UBM Trust team will still go on their way for global promotion to invite elite buyers all over the world.