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2017 FSA Annual Summit
Under the background of the rapid development of China's economy, the Sign industry has also been developed correspondingly. Among them, hospitals, government, public transport, retail, administrative institutions and other large public facilities in recent years, the demand for sign industry is particularly prominent. Because of its strong applicability and wide coverage, it can be foreseen that the future of sign industry must have a very broad space for development.
Challenges and opportunities coexist, in the face of enormous development opportunities, UBM Joint Industry Association and enterprise authority experts, co-founded the Future Sign Academy (FSA), Weheld the first FSA international summit concurrently with SIGN&LED CHINA 2017 on September 20-22 in Shanghai . The summit invited senior managers and experts from different fields to explore the future trend of signindustry , discussing how to deal with new development opportunities in the data age, and promote continuous innovation and mutual benefit.
FSA 2017Speakers
  Eric Zhang
  Nielsen • CCData
  Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  Acts as a panelist of multiple national research projects established by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China, and an expert committee member of Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China in data research field.
  Acts as a panelist of multiple national research projects established by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China and State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China, and an expert committee member of Standardization Administration of the People's Republic of China in data research field.


  Margaret Ma Connolly
  Managing Director of UBM China
  Vice President of UBM Asia
  Margaret spearheads the development in several market sectors including child-baby-maternity, healthcare, advance manufacturing, aviation, electronics and business technology. The diverse portfolios are comprised of trade exhibitions, print publications, new media platforms as well as marketing services. Geographically she focuses on growing the businesses in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Shenzhen with joint management responsibilities for the geo-adaptations in Asia and EMEA. Prior to joining UBM (LSS: UK: UBM), she held senior management positions at TNT (EAM: NL: TNTE) and Global Sources (NASDAQ:GSOL) with P&L responsibilities and track record in business planning, strategic investment and product development. In addition, Margaret has extensive experience in management consulting and online development. She is the co-founder of the leading online expat community Margret is a graduate of Oxford Brooks Business School with MBA degree and certifications in Project Management, Information System Management and Web Development.

  Danny Gu
  President, A.E. SMITH (CHINA) CO.,Ltd
  Chairman, World Image Holdings Co.,Ltd
  President, Shanghai Pico Management Co.,Ltd
  Danny is the Member of CPPCC in Jiading District, Shanghai, Vice President of Shanghai Hong Kong Federation of Trade Unions, Vice President of Hong Kong Federation of Shanghai Jiading District, Vice President of Shanghai Sign Industry Association, he got Outstanding Businessman of Modern Services Industry prize in Jiading for 3 years in row.
  He studied MBA in George Brown College in Toronto, Canada, acquired double bachelor degrees and master degree.

  Secretary General
  Shanghai Conference and Exhibition Industry Association
  Doctor of Economics, Fudan University. From January 1999 to February 2012, he has served asminister of Ministry of Integration of Shanghai Shen Bo Office, deputy director, research center director and director of the theme of interpretation of Shanghai World Expo Bureau Office. After the end of the World Expo, he served as editorial office deputy director of "Shanghai World Expo". Since April 2015, he has been the Secretary-General of Shanghai Conference and Exhibition Industry Association.

  Degang Dong
  Marketing Vice President
  Michael has been in the marketing industry for more than 10 years, and has worked for Master Kong and Viacom Outdoor. Joined Airmedia Group in 2007 and is responsible for media product design, marketing strategy, data research, brand marketing as well as customer marketing.
  Immersed in the value of aviation media research for many years, has a deep understanding of the application and expansion of aviation media platform, serving hundreds of high-end brands.

  Head of Industry
  Travel & Education
  Google China
  Joined Google at early 2012, and mainly focused on digital marketing and UX research of Mobile, taking digitizing Travel and Education as the key missions, for helping China-based brands brand globally.

  Yi Zheng
  Director of Research and Strategy Department & Deputy Director of Marketing Department
  Joy City Jingan, Shanghai
  Master of Operations and Business Statistics, Hong Kong Baptist University

  Stephane Bihorel
  Business Development Manager(Asia)
  MBA Alumni from Science Po Paris / Tongji Shanghai / Tsinghua Beijing University, obtained in 2006. Since Stephane is involved in retail / identity projects among Asia markets, through concepts and events collaboration with International brands (Hermes, Lvmh, La Prairie), until lighting design for Dior, Channel, Diesel and master projects. Stephane joined Malherbe Design in 2015 to develop Asia networks / market focus into brands with International perspectives and Real Estate developers. His mission: spread Malherbe Design signature, philosophy and expertise.

  Tianyang Sun
  Sales Director
  SEEYOO Information Technology Co., Ltd
  Graduated from Jilin University e-commerce major, he has been working as key person since joined SEEYOO from 2007, as sales management, he has a unique understanding and superior practical skills in program marketing of technical-type products. He led the sales team to achieve high-speed sales growth for many years in row. He personally successfully served for China Telecom, China Mobile, Coca-Cola, Toyota, People's Daily and a large number of typical customers, made great contributions to company. At present, he is one of the company's management and recognized senior experts in digital signage industry.

FSA 2017 Summit Agenda
20 September, 2017
Session 1. Industry Report
Time Topic / Speaker
White Paper on Sign & Ads Industry

/ Margaret Connolly, Vice President, UBM Asia

* Release of industry research white paper
* Dissection of sign & advertising industry

Margaret Connolly
11:00 Development Trends of Sign’s Application

/ Danny Gu, President, A.E. SMITH (CHINA) CO., Ltd
Danny Gu
11:30 Build Digital Signage’s Digital Ecosphere

/ Xiaofeng Chen, Director, CIIAII,
Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT)
Xiaofeng Chen
Session 2. Intelligent Transportation
Time Topic / Speaker
14:00 Sign and Green Conference & Exhibition

/ LudeJi, Secretary General,
Shanghai Conference and
Exhibition Industry Association
Lude Ji
14:20 Construction of Smart Airport

/ Guangdong Airport Authority
Guangdong Airport Authority
14:50 Application of Digital Signage in Smart Airport

/ Degang Dong, Marketing Vice President, Airmedia
Degang Dong
15:20 Interaction with Consumers in
Auto Industry by Digital Signage

/ Mario, Geely
FSA - 21 September, 2017
Session 3. Digital Signage Leads Innovation
Time Topic / Speaker
10:30 The Application of Big Data in Digital Signage

/ ChengyunXu, General Manager for
Key Account Industry, Google
Chengyun Xu
11:00 Current Situation and Future Trends of
Outdoors Digital Ads

/ Eric Zhang, Senior Vice President and Chief
Technology Officer, Nielsen-CCData
Eric Zhang
11:30 Application of Digital Signage from Brand
Side’s Perspective

/ Michael Littlewood, Director of Facilities,
Sands Cotai Central
 Michael Littlewood
Session 4. Intelligent Retail & Interactive Consumption
Time Topic / Speaker

Intelligent Business Thinking and
Practice Signage

/ Yi Zheng, Director of Research and
Strategy Department & Deputy Director of
Marketing Department, Joy City

Yi Zheng
14:30 New Model of Catering Marketing in Future

/ Wensheng Guan, Founder, Jizhihui Capital
Wensheng Guan
15:00 Consumption Model Upgrade in
Luxury Retail Store

/ StephaneBihorel,
Business Development Manager(Asia),
Stephane Bihorel
15:30 Development and Integration of Traditional
and Digital Signage

/ Tianyang Sun, Sales Director,
SEEYOO Information Technology Co., Ltd
Tianyang Sun
16:00 Panel Discussion:
How does Digital Signage Promote
Retail Industry’s Development?
FSA 2017 Summit Agenda
Future Sign Academy aims to support the development of the professional community in the advertising and sign design. It is free to all qualified professionals, no membership dues. Each year the work plan will be publicly announced after the completion of the advisory board meeting, with the goal to support monthly activities, quarterly topic highlights to address the needs of knowledge in terms of depth and breadth.
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